Design Build Biological Treatment for Frito-Lay

Design Build Biological Treatment Plant

ISC constructed a new 1.05 MGD design build biological treatment plant for Frito-Lay's Jonesboro, Arkansas processing facility. The high rate activated sludge system was designed to remove BOD, TSS and oil & grease from wastewater which has been screened and treated through a first stage gravity clarifier. The system allows the wastewater operator to return sludge to the CMAS reactor if needed to achieve desired effluent quality.

ISC was able to save Frito-Lay over $4 million dollars in capital expenditures compared to the solutions offered by our competitors.

Integral Components:

  • 100' Dia Bolted Stainless Steel Tank
  • Two Chamber Lift Station
  • Dissolved Air Flotation Cells
  • Flocculation Tanks
  • Remote System Computer Controls
  • Treatment Building
  • Jet Aeration/Mixing Station
  • Chemical Feed Building
  • Sludge Storage/Loading Area
  • RAS/WAS Pump Station
  • Laboratory
  • Influent/Effluent Pump Stations

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