Turnkey Aerobic Treatment for Halliburton Energy Services

Turnkey Aerobic Treatment Plant

ISC was contracted to construct a wastewater pretreatment plant for Halliburton Energy’s barite mining operation located in central Arkansas.  The plant was designed and constructed to treat barite contaminated storm water with very high acidity levels prior to discharging into a nearby stream. 

Integral Components:

  • Floating Influent Pumping Stations
  • 90’ Flocculating Thickener
  • 3 30’ Reactor Tanks
  • 92’ Clarifier
  • USAB Reactor and Internals
  • pH Adjustment System
  • Settling/pH Adjustment Lagoon System
  • Coarse and fine bubble aeration systems
  • Detention Pond Liner Systems
  • 270’x40’ Floating Baffle Curtain
  • Remote Groundwater Recovery pump Stations
  • Chemical Feed Systems (3)
  • Lime Storage Silo
  • Soda Ash Silo
  • Treatment Building
  • Laboratory

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