Design Build Biological Treatment for Mars Chocolate

Turnkey Aerobic Treatment Plant

ISC constructed a design build aerobic upgrade for Mars Chocolate at their Cleveland, Tennessee processing facility.  The project was designed to remove BOD, COD, TSS and Oil/Grease and included converting an existing 250,000 carbon coated tank to an aerobic MBBR reactor. 

The project also included the addition of a new headworks operations building along with the repair and refurbishment of an existing concrete aeration basin.

Integral Components:

  • New Influent Pump Station
  • New Headworks Building
  • New Bar Screen and Surface Skimming system
  • Fine Screening System
  • Conversion of 250,000 gal Carbon Coated Tank
  • New MBBR Stainless Steel Aeration Grid and Aeration System
  • MBBR Nutrient/Chemical Feed System
  • New Cooling Tower
  • Concrete Aeration Basin Repairs
  • New HDPE Lining System
  • New Fine Bubble Diffusion System
  • Control Systems

Project Brochure

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